There are a variety of ways for us to connect one-on-one:

Private yoga – Private, online sessions to address your specific needs and requests. Contact Becca to discuss what you are looking for and how often you would like to practice, as well as about pricing for individual online sessions.


Ayurveda consultations: Ayurveda means “science of life,” and this ancient practice helps us find balance through incremental changes with food, lifestyle, and movement. Contact Becca to learn about your unique Ayurvedic constitution and how tuning into your daily and seasonal rhythms – as well as your intuition – can help you reach optimal balance in physical and mental health.

Individual TIMBo: Trauma-responsive Innovations for Mind & Body (TIMBo) is a multi-week program for women-identifying clients that includes mindful discussion, using breath to connect to how you experience and recognize emotions in the body, gentle yoga-like movement, and guided meditation. Contact Becca to arrange weekly one-on-one sessions (8-week or 16-week options available).

You can reach Becca through the website or

Please review the Booking & Cancellation Policy for private sessions here.